Action Landscape, Inc. distinguishes itself through a distinctive skill set tailored to manage the comprehensive process of crafting Outdoor Oases. Our expertise encompasses every facet of this endeavor, from initial concept to final execution. Guided by homeowner preferences and existing site characteristics, our team, including an in-house Landscape Architect and landscape designers, utilizes various tools such as quick sketches, 3-D models, and master plans to bring ideas to life. For more intricate and complex projects we can collaborate with other professionals such as Architects, Surveyors, Civil, Structural, and Geotechnical Engineers.

If a project requires the services of our Landscape Architect, the typical design and permitting process essentially has five phases, as described below.

  1. Inventory and Analysis Phase:
    •  During this initial stage, we will conduct a thorough site visit to document existing conditions through photography and dimension gathering.
  2. Concept Design Phase:
    • Building upon the information gathered, we will generate several conceptual drawings for the Master Plan. These drawings can be conveyed through hand sketches and/or 3-D representations.  Collaborative discussions of the various design options help decide on a clear path forward.
  3. Design Development Phase:
    • As the conceptual ideas take shape, the Design Development Phase begins. The team refines these ideas through detailed drawings, selecting specific materials such as plant varieties and hardscapes. AutoCAD and other software tools are employed to add notes and dimensions, creating a more comprehensive and detailed plan.
  4. Construction Plan Phase:
    • This phase involves the development of detailed plans and specifications essential for obtaining permits. The team ensures that all necessary elements are included to guide the construction process effectively.
  5. Permit Application Phase:
    • When permits are required, Action finalizes all construction documents and secures the necessary approvals from local authorities. This crucial step ensures compliance with regulations and allows the commencement of construction.

In essence, Action Landscape’s approach involves a seamless transition from understanding site conditions to presenting conceptual options, refining designs, developing construction plans, and obtaining the required permits. This design process underscores our commitment to delivering an outcome that meets client expectations and regulatory standards.

Live your Best Life in your Own Outdoor Paradise!